Jana Tulloch is the founder of Tulloch Consulting.

Jana focuses on helping small and medium businesses increase their employee engagement and productivity levels through tailored HR support, from strategic planning to project-based initiatives to providing ongoing HR advice and support. Learning about a company’s history, future growth plans, pain-points, and current practices helps provide context from which to springboard enhanced people practices that help organizations drive superior performance and engagement levels.

Her values inspire her approach to work: transparency, honesty, and collaboration. She is a firm believer in two things: continuous learning, and that everyone has something positive to contribute, regardless of experience or role.

When not working she can be found doing the mom-shuttle to softball and lacrosse with her younger kids (there’s five in total), or working on her side projects: learning to teach Skillshare courses and administering www.publicsafetyresumes.ca. All, of course, to support a long-held travel addiction.