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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Join us in building a future where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not aspirations, but the cornerstones of a thriving and dynamic workplace. 

EDI Initiatives 

We understand that achieving true equity, diversity, and inclusion requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond surface-level efforts.  We must see the needle move in order to ensure progress is being made and that a truly equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization is well on its way to making things better for all their employees. 

  • EQUITY means seeking equality for all employees by identifying barriers that prohibit their full participation. This isn't about equal treatment - consider the example of everyone needing to see over the fence.  Equality is to provide everyone with a stool so they can peer over.  Equity is recognizing that some people are taller or shorter than others, and the same size stool will not help everyone see over the fence - its about providing the right size stool.

  • DIVERSITY means individuals with seen and unseen socio-cultural identities, experiences, and characteristics which make all of us different. This includes race, gender, age, physical qualities, beliefs, class, religion, sexual orientation, cognitive and neuro differences, and so forth.  

  • INCLUSION means creating an environment that is respectful, and where all people feel valued and empowered to speak and know that they are heard. 

Our Services
Developing Inclusive Policies

Transformative change requires comprehensive policy updates. We collaborate with our clients to assess their current policies, identify gaps, and implement strategies that ensure every policy promotes fairness, equal opportunity, and is representative and inclusive in language. 

Fostering a Diverse Workforce

We help guide organizations in their efforts to attract, retain, and advance a diverse workforce. From recruitment strategies to unbiased and inclusive performance reviews, we assist in creating workplaces where everyone feels valued and where they can thrive. 

Nurturing an Inclusive Culture 

A truly inclusive culture is one where every voice is heard, valued, and respected. We help our clients foster workplaces where open dialogue, active listening, and collaboration is the norm, leading to increased engagement. 

Measuring & Improving EDI Initiatives 

We believe in leveraging data-driven insights and work with clients to design metrics and tools to help measure progress and identify areas for continuous improvement.  We keep the needle moving!


Our Team is trained in GBA+   

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