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HR Audits

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Audits.  When you hear the word, it's almost cringe-worthy.  But in our world, it's about discovery - discovering what your people practices are, understanding where your organization is and where it's going, and what its pain points have been.

HR Audits

We look for gaps. We look for inefficiencies. We look for areas of risk. 


We collaborate with your team to review current practices and design a road map that clearly outlines your HR gaps and priorities. We review:


  • Policies and procedures

  • Employee and HR file management 

  • Offer letters (employee and contractor)

  • Hiring processes and Recruitment practices

  • Employer branding

  • Onboarding and Offboarding processes

  • Training & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation structures 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Engagement & Culture initiatives

  • Disciplinary processes 

  • HR Metrics

We look at what systems you're using (or not), what policies you have in place (or not), how you've been managing and recognizing your team members, administering pay, how you go about hiring new staff, and with what training you provide them, and what specific issues are causing you the most challenges in your current HR strategy. We talk about your company values, the culture you are trying to create, what cool things you've heard other companies doing that you want to learn more about.   ​

Our findings are presented in a summary report alongside recommendations: what we feel must be done, should be done, and options for doing. We prioritize based on legal requirements (for example, if you are non-compliant with a particular employment regulation) and organizational risk, and then work our way down. ​

This is the framework for building your HR foundation. It is the roadmap of how to get there, with a list of to-do's and in what order.  The audit is yours; you can implement some or all of the recommendations, take the recommendations to another consultant, or you can choose us to continue our partnership and let us help you translate the report into deliverables.  

Find out where your Human Resources practices could use some help; call now to book 778-378-9397. 

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Note: Your privacy is important to us. Your information will not be shared with any third parties. 

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