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HR Strategy

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Alignment is key to success - ensuring everything is moving in the same direction and supporting the organization's goals is paramount to a company's success, yet often pieces are missing that show up in reduced employee performance, high turnover, low morale, and other not-so-fun items.

HR Strategy

Often business owners are moving so fast, growing their businesses and focused on their overarching strategy.  Their everyday approach to managing their teams, and hiring new positions, has been to get done what needs to get done, but often without much forward planning - it's reactionary.  Things get created in silos, there is little consistency across practices, and there may even be some poor habits starting.  And it's not unusual.  When you went into business you went in as an expert in your field, not necessarily an expert in recruiting, or compensation structures, or elevating the performance of others.
We work with businesses to help them overcome specific hurdles that are impacting their ability to attract, retain, and manage great team members. Some examples include:
  • Poor or negative employer branding: think negative reviews on Glassdoor or a dead social media presence.  Job seekers are doing more research than ever before on companies before they even commit to an interview.  
  • Challenges in hiring: you post, and interview, and hire to fill your positions but the candidates turn out either to be under-performers or they leave in the first year.  
  • There is conflict and/or confusion: team members are stepping on each other's toes.  
We partner with you to understand your pain points and create strategies that provide a framework from which to build consistent people practices.  These include Talent Acquisition strategies, including Employer Branding, Total Rewards Strategies (think compensation, benefits, perks, etc.), Employee Engagement / Culture strategies, and Performance Management strategies.  We are big on automation and look to find areas where you can save time, and ultimately money while creating a better candidate and/ or employee experience.  
There may be a need for us to only deep dive into one functional area and come back with specific recommendations.  Or you may have one particular challenge that you want to be tackled.  That's great too.
And in the end, if you like what we've said, we're happy to help you implement our recommendations.  We build out a project plan and work with you to tackle your priorities and establish a strong HR foundation within your business. 
Whatever your people challenges may be, we can help.

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