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HR – Strategically Helping Organizations Deliver

One of the key discussions I’ve had along the way with clients and others is about how HR has changed, and continues to change, in terms of the value it adds to an organization. Today’s HR is a true business partner focused on helping organizations articulate and execute their business strategy through strong people practices. It’s not about pushing paper; it’s about creating strategic initiatives and efficient operations which contribute to the bottom line. There will always be two sides to HR - the strategic and the tactical aspects - but today’s HR skillfully weaves in and out, threading the organizational philosophy into the entire employee life-cycle. Job descriptions are tactical, but the strategic part comes in when it’s not just a generic job description but one that is specifically detailed to the role, and specifies the competencies directly related to the position and the experience needed. This supports the right kind of selection process that targets high performing candidates, creates a fair and solid evaluation process, and allows the job to be properly measured against the market when it comes to compensation. Forward-thinking HR folks are partnering with department leads to help them strategize best practices in terms of resourcing, providing guidance through up-sizing and downsizing, and information on potential pitfalls and organizational risk. They are considering the organization holistically while supporting functional areas to help identify blind spots and opportunities that section leads may not be considering. Many leadership positions - think CFO, COO - blend both business and financial experience to provide strategic approaches to organizational issues; HR is no different. This is why it’s common to see Chief People Officer roles - there has to be financial accountability within HR operations alongside a goal to provide a return on the company’s investment in its people. HR has a responsibility to manage its people practices strategically and deliver value to the business. Consider questions such as:

  • How do you know if your Talent Acquisition Strategy is providing value?

  • Where are your recruitment dollars going and are they being wasted, or put to good use?

  • Are your KPIs aligned with the organization’s goals, and are there measures in place to track performance against those KPIs?

  • Is your Total Rewards Strategy giving you an edge or is it not aligned with what current and future employees are truly looking for?

  • How much are you spending on people-hours when automation could save both time and money?

  • Is productivity where it should be and, if it’s not, do you know why? Could it be unclear expectations, lack of training, lack of role clarity, culture, or something else?

  • Are there succession plans in place for key positions?

Analysis, research, connecting with team members, establishing metrics where needed - these are all leveraged when skilled HR partners create programs and practices that are aligned with the organization’s goals and support higher levels of employee engagement. Wouldn’t you agree it’s worth it? Tulloch Consulting is a full-service HR consulting firm that provides clients with both strategic and tactical support, when they need it and as they need it. Proudly serving clients across North America and overseas, and happy to connect with interested folks to chat about all-things HR. 1-778-378-9397 or


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