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Tulloch Consulting Makes a Five-Star Debut on Clutch

Running a business can be an unnerving task. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially when handling different people. We at Tulloch Consulting, strive to provide world-class HR services ranging from strategy, recruitment, talent acquisition, and so much m

ore. Located in Maple Ridge, Canada, our passionate team is always ready to help startups and small businesses across North America.

Above anything else, our clients’ goals come first. We do whatever it takes to deliver efficient and effective solutions for their specific needs. It can be hard to believe in what we do if it only comes from our side, that’s why we’re extremely excited to share with you our services on Clutch!

Clutch is an independent B2B review and market research platform that encompasses different industries and locations. The site gathers insightful data from clients and helps browsers learn more about the right solutions providers.

Inaugural Review

You don’t have to take it from us; instead, we’ll let our clients’ testimonials show what we can do. Late last month, the Tulloch Consulting team received its inaugural review from Hassan Ahmad, the managing attorney at The HMA Law Firm. Our inaugural review features five-star ratings for our ongoing HR services project with the immigration law firm.

The project kick-started back in June 2021, and our client was seeking to add remote paralegals and staff to their team. They enlisted the Tulloch Consulting team to help expand their virtual law efforts.

So far, we’ve recruited four experts for their global paralegal team, and we’re currently on the hunt for two more. Our team handles the whole recruitment process — from collecting data to drafting job descriptions.

Take a look at the initial results of our project and their feedback!

“I love the fact that I can just call my account rep, do a brain dump on what I need, and the rest of the process is just taken care of. They jump on their projects, with immediately apparent expertise.” — Hassan Ahmad, Managing Attorney, The HMA Law Firm

Thank you so much to The HMA Law Firm for the wonderful trust and support. We are incredibly grateful for the project you’ve entrusted us with. Rest assured that we will continue doing our best for your firm. May we unlock more milestones together with this 2022.

It’s an honor for us to receive a five-star client review debut on Clutch! We look forward to seeing what else our clients say soon. Contact us and let’s connect! Build a strong HR foundation with Tulloch Consulting.

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05 sept. 2022

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